Writing again, about bicycles.

So recently in my life, through luck, stars aligning and various other coincidences I’m not sure I really believe in yet, I’ve wrangled up the chance to write a short piece on some aspect of cycling for a Wellington based network of bloggers called The Wellingtonista, and apparently this is their deal.

“The Wellingtonista is a blog about the things we love about the city we love. Since 2005, we’ve been promoting and writing about its many interesting aspects: places to get drunk, things to go and see, events to participate in, bands to listen to, places to get drunk, plays to watch, comments on local news, restaurants to eat in, and (sometimes) places to get drunk.”

So something, along those lines, with a cycling twist. Which I guess really makes it quite simple.
But my current struggle is with settling down on specifics as I’m sure they had something in mind when I spoke to my friend, but at the time I failed to really pay enough attention to what that was.

For now I will continue to send emails and see if I can work it all out.


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