Writing and Cycle touring. Take 2

So recently I’ve been out riding, I took some time off work to go ride my Long Haul Trucker for a few days around the southern tip of the North Island, places like Pencarrow Head, Corner Creek, The Pinnacles, Cape Palliser, White Rock, Martinborough, and all beautiful spots in between. Finally taking the time out of my day to day life to go on an adventure, even if only for 4-5 days. I had originally planned to take up to 6, or even 7 days to do this bit of a tour around, but sadly funds drying up a little. Not to mention the small details which just simply don’t always go to plan.  So now, I am home again in South Karori, my own little patch here, in the valley. It’s really the place I’m starting to fall in love with, Wellington, and this part of New Zealand.

Lately I’ve been talking to a lot of writer friends, and thinking about my own ambition as a young writer, and specifically whether or not my current lifestyle choices of full time work etc. are fulfilling what I wished to achieve when I first came to Wellington. Now after working full-time for the last 5 months I’m starting to look at my options in returning to school, possibly working part time, to achieve all I need to start University in 2014. The prospects of learning more about myself and the subjects I am truly passionate about is incredibly exciting to me, and I look forward to challenging myself, stepping outside of my comfort zone.

The next few weeks are certainly full of a series of goals I would like to pursue and see where it could lead in the long run.


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